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Production & RD

Cemal SARİ & Halil ŞENCAN (Rest in Piece) Visionary at leFather.

Discover the leFather production approach!

leFather is much more than just a manufacturing supplier of leather accessories. Our team helps you through every step of developing custom products and during private labeling, providing technical feedback with material recommendations and sometimes even marketing ideas on how to more easily promote your products to your customers.

LEFATHER DERİ A.Ş. is both set company availibity for retail and wholesale structure of orders domestically and internationally.

Our team is composed of fashion enthusiasts, trendsetters, and dedicated individuals who share a love for all things bags. We carefully select each item in our collection, focusing on design aesthetics, versatility, and enduring appeal. From classic to contemporary, minimalist to bold, our range encompasses a diverse array of styles to cater to every taste and occasion.

The goods out of leather are very precious masterpieces only if crafted by some unique hands.

Crafting Timeless Leather for Modern Lifestyles


leFather company ensures to craft accessories with genuine leather materials composed of top and full grain of leather from reliable tanneries of our partners over decades.

leather industry has come to a new era in terms of tanning raw hide of leather with both chrome and semi vegetal methods therefore leFather ensures to fully compensate its sourcing needs from those partners who have excelled that technology of process the leather.


LEFATHER VEGAN™, In order to ensure the sustainability of our working structure, the leather products we offer have a long lifespan that do not require recycling. Since these leather materials have a completely natural and living structure, they should definitely be considered as nature-friendly products.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable products that we produce from the only olive-based new generation material in the world, using waste material from the olive industry.


leFather company structured its business perspective as fashion wholesaler in the category of leather accessories. To achieve that objective, leFather Design Studio (LDS) established as an R&D department in order to develop some unique leather collection items as well as replying to our clients in their specific model designs or modifications towards our collection items. By working with experienced designers in house and through remote assistance, our company proudly offers our designer service for those who are wishing to create their own model with uniqueness besides our wholesale manufacturing of leather items. With our design studio service of special development of leather accessories , the render of the project is also submitted to you.

Full Grain

The leather we are using is full grain and processed with LWG standards.There are vegetable , semi vegetable and chrome tanning is applied to our cow and calfskin full grain leather.


Our leather goods will last over a long time with an excellent durability.In terms of vegan collection ,the leather accessories we produce with Oleatex material is also giving up to %90 biodegreability.

Best Quality

Since we are using selective hides from both
Turkish and Italian origin leather, our crafted accessories are one of a kind with ultimate feeling of the patina.