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About Us

Cemal SARİ & Halil ŞENCAN (Rest in Piece) Visionary at leFather...

Who Are We?

Introducing leFather as a company experienced in the areas of leather accessories manufacturing with a tradition of multiple generationsé.
While our production takes place in Bolu province that has been hearth of leather tanning and producing accessories with excellent craftmanship our sales office is located in the business center of Turkey , Istanbul city.
LEFATHER DERİ A.Ş. is both set company availibity for retail and wholesale structure of orders domestically and internationally.

Later, several new generation members of this large family structure decided to renovate the foundations of the leFather company in order to introduce the high quality standards of workmanship and leather industry experience offered by our family workshops with our special design and catalog to the global markets.

The goods out of leather are very precious masterpieces only if crafted by some unique hands.

Board Message


While defining its corporate structure, leFather company prioritizes the human value policy and the suitability of product supply methods. We believe that our colleagues working with various job titles in this company should be in a positive working environment so that they can spend their time valuablely, and by showing tolerance with the initiatives we provide such as flexible working hours, birthday bonuses, and maternity leave exceptions for our female colleagues, we make them feel that leFather company is their second home.



Our aim in terms of product supply and workmanship during the manufacture of specially designed leather products has always been to continue working by choosing the right raw materials and taking into account worker safety and health. At this point, all our tanned leather materials are tested by respected authorities in the industry such as the Leather Working Group (LWG) and Bureau Veritas. Considering that the tanneries in Turkey have superior technology in tanning leather from scratch, you will have the advantage of directly communicating with our partners at the heart of the leather industry in Bolu and will have the priority of procuring products from the manufacturer at affordable prices at leFather standards.



Consequently, we have been manufacturing our products in-house, sourcing leather directly from tanneries while employing a consistent work method. However, for years, we have exclusively sold our products in the domestic market, serving as a dependable supplier to major national brands.


The board of directors comprises the third generation of a family of leather craftsmen dedicated to establishing leFather as a reputable supplier for global fashion brands in the wholesale sector.