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Featured Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and your main concerns about our company's products and services are listed in the table below.


How can I import wholesale leather goods?

Through direct web search or leather themed trade fairs internationally , there is a high possibility to meet with right profile of leather goods exporter.The main things to be considered while sourcing leather goods is that exporters ability of offering various types of leather , experience in international trade , competitive advantage and a valid work structure.leFather brand complies with those criteries while sourcing for leather accessories from Turkey.

How to order custom leather goods wholesale?

Custom leather goods ordering is something coming with a specific designing.Therefore ,it requires for workshops to work with a specific template from scratch which means minimum order quantity is to become way higher than private labelling and additional templating costs.
To sum up , ordering custom goods requires a good budget with a valid business promoting plan besides additional production time period.

How to order private label leather accessories?

Leather workshops generally have their own designs to offer into the market with competitive prices.In that way,small and middle scale buyers would like to create their own brand with stylish leather accessories.Most workshops has minimum order quantity limits with the private labelling offers in wholesale orders.

Does leFather comply with leather crafting analysis certificates?

Absolutely ,leFather offers their high quality leather materials from the semi vijital tanning method of its supplier tannery in Bolu ,Turkey.In this process the sourced cow skin hide leather has been proggressed in analysis with LWG standards which shows a confident leather tanning process of it.

What type of leather leFather offers?

With multiple workshops and experienced craftmanship of leFather , the company offers full grain ,top grain and floater leather types.All the leather accessories of goods offered in cow skin (buffalo skin) form.leFather do not work with PU material.

Is Turkey the right place of buying leather goods?

Turkey is well known to be in a position of exporting leather goods from tanned forms to finest accessories.With the availbity of full & top grain forms of it , many Turkish leather craftman workshops have developed their expertise in terms of offering genuine leather wordwide.EU is primary market whose feeds continuous interest towards Turkish leather goods and accessories.

Is Turkish leather expensive?

There is a saying that if your goal is to meet a certain quality, you cannot go for cheap solutions.As Turkey has retained a good reputation of offering leather goods from tanneries of cow skin hides for decades,the quality has met with highest standards set by global brands that has been sourcing leather goods from Turkey.However the high quality, Turkish leather comes with competitive price range considering low labor costs and competitive market with various good manufacturers like leFather.

Can we buy leFather branded goods?

Yes , of couse , since we are the registered brand holder , we have eligibity to sell you directly our branded models therefore you will have valid rights to distribute the product in retail or wholesale channel.

Where to buy good leather in Turkey?

Tanneries is the main places to source raw hide leather material in Turkey.There are many tanneries located in various parts of Turkey with obtaining highest leahter tanning technology available.

What is the MOQ?

The minimum order quantity is 300 items for leFather collection items while it is 750 for custom production enquiries.There could be different colors and sizes of leather goods to reach the MOQ required.

What type of tanning process is applied to the leather used?

Chrome tanning method is available in most of tanneries while only some of them is offering semi vegetable and vegetable tanning methods.LWG standards has applied in most of the tanneries

How long is the order delivery time?

Our production takes overall 2 weeks to complete, this contains leather raw hide sourcing from tannery regarding the specifications of the client , manufacturing and additional sourcing if there is any other accessories needed.

What are the shipment methods?

All incoterms shipment is workable for us but we generaly work with EXW , DAP , FOB and DDP methods.Thanks to our forwarder partners, we are also able to organize the shipping to your address.

Do you charge fees for sample development?

Yes , we charge a reference value for sampling and deduct the expense from the bulk order.For custom projects , there could be additional mold development expenses.

What is the competitive advantage of leFather?

The core advantage of leFather is experience and flexibility of offering goods.By locating in Bolu city where the industry heart beats , we work directly with the tanneries and offer competitive prices.